Aluminum Injector Bungs


Alum Injector Bungs 6 Pk M.jpg (156171 bytes)    These are Billet Aluminum injector bungs   (Part #5001) which can be used to convert a standard aluminum manifold over to use direct port fuel injection setups.  They are very similar to the ones offered by MSD(r) and Accell(r), and can be used as a direct replacement.  They are CNC machined to precision tolerances with a super smooth finish on the inside for excellent O-ring sealing.  They also have a gentle entry angle designed into them for easy injector installation.  The main body is .875 (7/8) diameter and 1" long, with a .150 thick flange that is 1" in diameter.  This makes them 1.150 in length overall, and they come completely de-burred.  Please do NOT confuse these with other less expensive injector bungs available from other manufacturers that don't have the outer flange.  This flange allows more room to weld, and greatly reduces the negative effect to the inside surface from the heat of welding.  This ensures the best possible O-ring sealing surface after the welding process.  They are priced separately and available in any quantity.

Please contact us for special pricing in large quantities.